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Bridge pieces of a relaxing low-poly 3D world to uncover a short narrative.

A World, In Pieces is a follow-up, similar in style and gameplay, to my first game, a college project entitled A World, At Peace. As the open-ended nature of most of the story allows, A World, In Pieces can be enjoyed on its own by anyone, though of course there is some extra value to be gained from playing both games in any order!

Purely gameplay-speaking, in A World, In Pieces, several floating islands are disconnected from each other. In order to traverse them, you'll need to seek out a special collectible energy. Encapsulating the entire experience is a short story placing meaning behind these events.

This project features:

  • Roughly one hour runtime to complete 100%
  • About 20 pieces of original story dialogue, including an secret unlockable story thread
  • Original models, textures, effects, music, and more
  • Three quality optimization settings (low, medium, high) so a wider range of players can play comfortably (I know Unreal can be a taxing engine sometimes :P)

A World, In Pieces was developed over a period of 30 days, utilizing a variety of programs including Unreal Engine 4, Blender, Clip Studio Paint, and Adobe After Effects.

I hope you'll consider buying this product and playing along in my latest endeavor inside of Unreal Engine! I've learned a lot during this little summer project, and I'm excited to see what players think of the experience crafted.

A World, In Pieces

Game, Character, and Level Design

3D Modeling, Story, Music & Sound, and Ending Animation

Joshua Weinberg — YouTube  Twitter • Insta

A Very Special Thanks To

Family & Friends

NJIT Digital Design Class of 2019

and of course itch.io, for allowing me a platform to distribute this.

Patch Notes

Version 1.05 - Fixed stability and reliability of Media Player framework.

Version 1.00 - Original release.

Game powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Lemon/Milk font by Ariq Sya. Kingthings Clarity font by Kevin King. Matiz font by Beycan Çetin.

Character animation powered by Adobe Mixamo.


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This was very nice but just felt it needed a proper ending. Very colourful and ran nicely with some lovely relaxing music to push the game along. Good job... :)

Let's cut to the chase, how do we get the gold orb! Is it even possible?

Regardless I loved this game. It follows a similar formula or colelcting the orbs and talking to statues, but with some added twists with the red boy. I'm not not I fully grasped who he was, but I still have my own personal thoughts on the game.

It's in the same format I played A World, At Peace. The Chill Series. So half game, half vlog. So I may trail off and talk about my day a bit, but I kind of works with the game. So thanks. Glad I spent my money on it.

Loved the game! It was a great experience, though I don't think I got everything possible (even if the game told me), since that gold orb was still floating there. I have no idea if obtaining that is possible or not. Something tells me it is, but I could just be looking too deep into that. I really liked the music in this. I totally recommend it for people to try it out themselves and form their own interpretations because I'm sure there could be many, drawing parallels with real life and whatnot. Hope to see more!