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Presented with a world locked in everlasting tranquility, would you resign to the calm or take steps towards the unknown?

A World, At Peace began as an exercise in game development using Unreal Engine 4, for my second-year design studio course at New Jersey Institute of Technology. We were given 4 weeks to concept and produce a playable build.

A World, At Peace will always remain free to download. If you choose to donate an amount of payment, your kindness and support are gratefully appreciated.

A World, At Peace

Game Design, Visual Design, Scenario, 3D Modeling, Materials, Logo, Music

Joshua Weinberg

A Very Special Thanks To

Professor Taro Narahara

NJIT Digital Design Class of 2019



An Unreal Engine 4 game. Animations sourced from Adobe Mixamo. ©2017-2021 Joshua Weinberg. All rights reserved.

Latest build: 1.01

For Windows 64-bit.

Keyboard+Mouse support.

(Press F11 for full screen.)

Thanks for playing!


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A World At Peace 1.01.zip 275 MB


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-Made a Video. (Old VIdeo)

-The Game: 05:40 (The 2nd Game)

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I was excited to play this, but all the motion blur made it really hard to enjoy. I don't want to stay in this feeling forever, because this feeling is a headache. :(

Maybe a settings menu is in order?


I mean this with the utmost respect—this comment legitimately made me laugh.

Recently I re-visited my itch build of this to find that the motion blur bothered me too. I wonder what my eyes were doing differently a couple years ago.

If I manage to locate the source project for this, I am considering releasing a quality-of-life update!

This was a nice, quick, relaxing game! I loved the music & character design. Here is a video where I give full thoughts & gameplay: 


Such a nice and peaceful little game, loved it!


I love the pretty atmosphere and the openness of the world (for a small, 5-minute game, that is). It seemed like it was trying to get deep or meaningful with a story/theme and never actually got there. I didn't really get much anything out of playing it, except inspiration to keep modelling in Blender.


I guess I underestimated the effect of the ambiguous nature of the story, since I keep receiving so many good critiques on it. Probably should've added a bit more story content right before the credits. And it would have been so easy to do, too! Ah, next time, next time.

Hey man, if I inspired you in any way that is extremely humbling to hear. Definitely continue modeling! :D


Really cool game, and it does give you a dilemma at the end.


This is a beautiful game, reminded me a lot of Fruits of a Feather, which was another game I played recently on Itchio, in that it's also very simple in design yet very tranquil with a lot of ambience. For a student project, this is very nicely put together, noticed some graphical errors here and there but nothing game-ruining.

You can really just sink into the atmosphere and get relaxed with it. The small story needed just a little addition to be considered satisfying, namely the ending, but the experience as a whole was delightful. Great job, Joshua! :)


Really really really awesome game, I loved playing it and didn't realise how beautiful it was till the very end, love it :)


I quite enjoyed this short little game. I feel like it had a lot to say.


Its a nice little game although the ending is quite abrupt. It would be great if you could expand on this or make another title but for something made with so little experience in game development it is very good.


This is such a beautiful and relaxing game! And really incredible for only knowing the programs for 4 weeks :) The only thing I noticed gameplay-wise was the fact that if you jump while running, you uh.... keep running XD

I feel like there was a lot of the story that wasn't told, but it was still nice to have the little bits here and there. Ending felt very sudden... but still a very enjoyable experience <3 Hope to see more from you!


Ah yeah, the jump-run, haha! Simply a product of not having enough time towards the end to implement a true jump animation for the running one to change over to. Glad you enjoyed the game!


Good game! Short, easy and relaxing.


ALMOST fell asleep! Loved it!!!!:3 but seriously a really enjoyable short relaxing experience<3

Almost fell asleep??

"I'm recording this early in the morning"

ah I see xD

really enjoyable video! Gave it a Like <3

Thanks so much!!!:D glad ya liked the vid, ill try not to fall asleep next time


I loved the game! Don't take any of my jokes seriously because they were just satirical.


This is a very relaxing and beautiful game! And obviously peaceful! The ending leaves alot up to your imagination and lets you make up your own story of what happened later!

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It didn't hit me until after I recorded, but were the collectibles blue on purpose? Because I realized that it could be a reference to the Matrix about the blue pill (as well as what I talked about in the video). I LOVED this game, and I would like to see more like this! I loved the music, the story, and the choice at the end. It could be fleshed out a little more, but it did its job for what it was, and it did its job very well. I highly recommend it!


Unfortunately I didn't make them blue on purpose, but that's an awesome connection I hadn't realized!

It's just a theory...A WORLD AT PEACE THEORY


It's cute.

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Brilliant game, awesome job man!

However, if I do not receive extended versions of the soundtrack I believe I will have to riot.


Gave this game a go and in all honesty it was one of the most relaxing/peaceful indie games I have ever played. Would love if you made it a full game!


great game, would have loved to know more about what happened and where exactly we are, I didn't know exactly but I'm guessing our character died and now has to decide if she wants to stay in the afterlife forever or move on and vanish?

thanks for playing!! I like your interpretation of the themes; the story was left a bit open-ended like that intentionally for some light theorizing.

**SPOILERS I guess if someone's reading the comments before playing**

when I wrote the story I thought of the world as a place the character could come to when they needed to relax, and had the statues comment on whether it is a "good" or "bad" choice to stay in that feeling forever, not able to experience anything other than that, or to return to normal life.

again, thanks for checking the game out! :)

I love it when developers do this, i'm a big fan of theorizing :D

Ah, that makes sense, thanks for explaining the story :D

I'm guessing you if you would be given the choice, you wouldn't stay there (since this was your original story before the choice got added), am i right? :D

Please don't stop making games, i'd love to play more of these types of games and i feel like you're good at it! :D


Great Game especially for a one-man project. Keep up the good work!


thank you! loved the gameplay!


This is truly amazing for a one-man project. I had a lot of fun playing it. I even made a little video showcase here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKM32dyVP4s

thanks for playing, loved the playthrough!