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Explore a relaxing low-poly 3D world with a short narrative.

A World, At Peace began as an exercise in game development using Unreal Engine 4, and 3D modeling in Cinema 4D, for my second-year design studio course at New Jersey Institute of Technology. 3-4 weeks production time, with no prior knowledge of the programs. Additionally, I applied my current experience in music composition for original music and sound.

It was exhibited and critiqued on December 21, 2016.

The itch.io version of A World, At Peace has been slightly enhanced to include random spawning between two set collectible patterns, added and edited dialogue, and other minor fixes.

A World, At Peace will always remain free to download. If you choose to donate an amount of payment, your kindness and support are gratefully appreciated.

A World, At Peace

Game, Character, and Level Design

3D Modeling, Story, Music and Sound

Joshua Weinberg — YouTube Twitter

A Very Special Thanks To

Professor Taro Narahara

NJIT Digital Design Class of 2019


and of course itch.io, for allowing me a platform to freely distribute this.

Game powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Character animation powered by Mixamo.

Current build: 1.01

For Windows only.

Alt + Enter for fullscreen.

Thanks for playing!

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Published15 days ago
Tags3D, Atmospheric, college-project, digital-design, Exploration, Fantasy, heyitsjosh, njit, Relaxing, unreal-engine
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average durationA few minutes
Player countSingleplayer


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Good game! Short, easy and relaxing.

ALMOST fell asleep! Loved it!!!!:3 but seriously a really enjoyable short relaxing experience<3

I loved the game! Don't take any of my jokes seriously because they were just satirical.

This is a very relaxing and beautiful game! And obviously peaceful! The ending leaves alot up to your imagination and lets you make up your own story of what happened later!

(Edited 2 times)

It didn't hit me until after I recorded, but were the collectibles blue on purpose? Because I realized that it could be a reference to the Matrix about the blue pill (as well as what I talked about in the video). I LOVED this game, and I would like to see more like this! I loved the music, the story, and the choice at the end. It could be fleshed out a little more, but it did its job for what it was, and it did its job very well. I highly recommend it!

Very pretty.

It's cute.

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Brilliant game, awesome job man!

However, if I do not receive extended versions of the soundtrack I believe I will have to riot.


Gave this game a go and in all honesty it was one of the most relaxing/peaceful indie games I have ever played. Would love if you made it a full game!


great game, would have loved to know more about what happened and where exactly we are, I didn't know exactly but I'm guessing our character died and now has to decide if she wants to stay in the afterlife forever or move on and vanish?

thanks for playing!! I like your interpretation of the themes; the story was left a bit open-ended like that intentionally for some light theorizing.

**SPOILERS I guess if someone's reading the comments before playing**

when I wrote the story I thought of the world as a place the character could come to when they needed to relax, and had the statues comment on whether it is a "good" or "bad" choice to stay in that feeling forever, not able to experience anything other than that, or to return to normal life.

again, thanks for checking the game out! :)

I love it when developers do this, i'm a big fan of theorizing :D

Ah, that makes sense, thanks for explaining the story :D

I'm guessing you if you would be given the choice, you wouldn't stay there (since this was your original story before the choice got added), am i right? :D

Please don't stop making games, i'd love to play more of these types of games and i feel like you're good at it! :D


Great Game especially for a one-man project. Keep up the good work!


thank you! loved the gameplay!


This is truly amazing for a one-man project. I had a lot of fun playing it. I even made a little video showcase here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKM32dyVP4s

thanks for playing, loved the playthrough!